Wednesday, May 08, 2013

And even newer! Come join me on my latest blog!

This blog address was my very first blog that I started in 2006.  Through the years, my blogs have moved around to different addresses as I switched from Captivating Studios to Scarlett Lillian Photography to Scarlett and Stephen Photography to The Decor Diaries and now back to my new Scarlett Lillian blog. I've now circled back around to my roots and just launched a whole new personal blog at  The domain used to be my old portfolio site, with my photography blog at, but now all thing related to photography are at where I joined my photography business with my husband when we got married in April 2011.

Just wanted to post an updated message here in case you run across this blog (or are still subscribed to it, ha!) that you catch all the latest with me at the new personal blog!  And for those few of you who have been with me since the very beginning here on this blog.... thank you for being with me on the journey!  :-)

God bless,
Scarlett Lillian