Monday, July 30, 2007

Showcased on!

Congrats to Kayla! My photos of her were chosen to be showcased on high school senior's hottest new website, Started by the creators of, the new sister site features girls all over the country who are having fun trashing their prom dress in really great and memorable pics!

Kayla trashed her prom dress!

A few months ago, a nice man named Rick, emailed me after hearing my interview on the Pro Photography Show, and then further telling me of his high school granddaughter, Kayla, who is an aspiring photographer. I told him how one of the best things I did to help me as a photographer was be on the other side of the camera first, so we then scheduled a session for Kayla to get some cool "trash the prom dress" photos.

Kayla is a superstar softball player in high school, so we met at one of her favorite fields and she brought her gear to use as accessories in the photos. We had a great time rolling in the red clay field and bonding over photography! Her grandpa even hooked me up to a wireless mic and filmed the whole session so that Kayla could go back later and study my techniques on how I got the photos of her that I did. Even though she is the next great photographer, and will be a third generation photographer in the family, she was also a fabulous and gorgeous model!


Then, Kayla's grandpa, Ric, on the sidelines, sporting his favorite hat and camera!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Barry Family

Earlier this year at a bridal show, I met another photographer named Amy Barry carrying her sweet little newborn, Blaize. Though she is from Keystone Heights, she was recently vacationing in the St. Augustine area and asked me to take some new family portrait photos for her of her and her hubby, Jason, and three other cutie pie kids, Brett, Brooke and Brynna. Amy and Jason have a cute story being high school sweethearts, and it was fun to also steal them away from the kids and get some lovey dovey shots as if they were back in high school dating!


Amy and I at the end of a long hot Floridian July day. :-)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tara & Robbie are engaged!

"So are you ever going to kiss me, or what," Tara asked Robbie as she leaned against the bar in New York City, where Robbie had moved from Ireland a few years before.

Though Tara was from Denver, she frequently visited NYC to show dogs in competitions. She would always go with her friends to this one bar across the street from the arena where Robbie would serve them drinks.

Finally, Robbie kissed Tara and they've been head over heels ever since.

I recently met with Tara and Robbie up at the gorgeous and historic Jekyll Club in Jekyll Isand, Georgia, where I will be shooting their destination wedding in September. They also brought their little girl, Abigail, a sweet dog that Tara rescued. For part 2 of their session, we went out to the beach to get some shots with Abigail, and before I knew it, it turned into a "trash the dog" session when Robbie picked up his girls and carried them into the ocean.


Tara and Robbie will soon dance their first dance here on this lawn in front of the Crane Cottage where their reception will be held.

Above is the Faith Chapel where Tara and Robbie's ceremony will be held. This chapel is one of 5 in the country that showcases a Tiffany stained glass window.

A girl can't help but L-O-V-E Tara's glittery 5 karat ring!