Thursday, May 03, 2007

"The Fabulousness of Me"

My cousin, Becky, and I sitting on the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw's stoop in NYC when we were there in the city shooting a destination wedding for New Year's Eve.

I just got a voice mail from my "soul sister" and cousin Becky. She is graduating from nursing school tomorrow (WOO HOO GO BECKY! Go to her myspace and congratulate her). She was calling to say how excited she was that my parents and I will be driving all the way there to help her celebrate her pinning ceremony in Crestview, FL.

"It really means a lot to me that you are still coming despite having to jet off to Chicago the next day. I swear, I can't keep up with your travels, you should write a book called 'The Fabulousness of Me.' "

Ha! I guess I do live quite a fabulous life. Sometimes in the midst of all the hard work, late hours, and exhausting travel, I need to be reminded just how blessed I truly am. In a way I feel like I'm graduating too, to the next level. Just this time last year I was beginning my marketing efforts for my business and God was getting that daily annoying prayer from me for more work, more clients and more wisdom how to grow my company and serve brides. Now, today, I have more work than I can keep up with and I get paid to travel all over. So fun! I truly do love my job and even more so the amazing couple's and others in the industry I have met along my journey!

With that said, I am definitely in the heat of wedding season and my blogging might start slacking, but I'll try to keep you up to date with as much as I can going on. Here's my current spring/summer schedule:

May 4-5: Crestview, FL for Becky's graduation
May 6-9: Chicago, IL for Engagement Session and a photographer's convention with, my print fulfillment company
May 12-13: Orlando, FL wedding
May 19: Jacksonville wedding
May 30- June 1: Las Vegas, Nevada wedding
June 1-June 3: Vero Beach, FL wedding
June 8-10: New York City wedding
June 16: Jacksonville wedding
June 22-24: Vero Beach wedding
July 6-7: Savannah wedding

July 8, I can breathe and sleep again. :-)

Also, in the midst of shooting and editing, there are a lot of EXCITING things developing with my company and some new changes you will see late July. Stay tuned! I can't wait to unveil it all!


Blogger jason groupp said...

Congrats to Becky for me!! Glad to hear you're doing well!! That's some schedule!

3:52 PM  
Blogger Megan said...

That's great! So happy to hear that all your hard work is being blessed!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Rachel said...

Go Scarlett, Go Scarlett! Go Becky, Go Becky!

Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see all of the photos!

You are fabulous!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Franca said...

Busy bumble bees always get the most honey! You are definitely going to reap what you sow! Have fun! I'll be checking your blog for updates!

6:16 PM  
Blogger singsunshine said...

I have recently stumbled across your blog from reading "Trash the Dress" and have greatly enjoyed reading! I love your style of photography. I am a novice to say the least and am always looking for people to inspire me, which you have! Hope you don't mind but I think I'll stick around! God Bless, from New Mexico!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Captivating Studios said...

Jason- I passed the message along and Becky said a big thanks and congrats to you and Liz!

Megan- Thanks girl!

Rachel- It takes one to know one.

Franca- Thanks!

Singsunshine- Wow, thanks so much for your awesome words. I appreciate your compliments and touched that I could be an inspiration. Thanks for saying hi and I definintely hope you'll stick around! Have fun as you continue shooting more and more!

11:21 AM  
Blogger Jessica C. Moritz said...

Way to GO Scarlett! So happy for you and your success. Can't wait to see all the "new Scarlett inventions".

1:53 AM  

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